Publishing site recent set of facts health shocking about men's health, if known to be aware of the habits of health more:

1 out of every 3 men follows the diet secret! According to research conducted by the magazine Diet Chef on the 600 men, 90% of them want to decrease their weight without tell anyone. Unlike women men feel ashamed of admitting following the diet, for fear of ridicule friends and coworkers. Soft drink a day increases the risk of prostate cancer:
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the magazine published the American Journal of Nutrition Search between the Drink 300 ml of soft drinks a day increases the risk of men with prostate cancer, "the leading cause of death for men around the world," and according to the study, the reason is the result of the release of insulin resulting from gas and which works to feed malignant tumors.

Caffeine may destroy your self-confidence: It was about to take a series of important decisions at work away from drinking coffee! Research has indicated that coffee works to improve the performance of women in difficult situations, unlike the man. , and the study found that caffeine prevents men to overcome the stress and caused him to slow down in memory tests and puzzles.
Lack of brushing teeth twice causes erection: Did you know that the health of your teeth controls your ability to have an erection?

According to a study conducted on a group of men Turks who suffer from inflammation of the gum was found to be suffering problems in the ability to have an erection. According to a study by the American Dental Association that 66% of men are keen to clean up once or twice daily versus 86% of women.

On your sexual health, make sure of the safety of your teeth. Men happiest at the age of 37: You might think that happiness lies in their twenties, but studies have indicated recently that the man feels happier at the age of 37, and the reason that with age men feels stability more than the professional and emotional.

Reader sent us say I want to know the amount of dates, nuts, Yogurt and Honey White, which can be taken daily, and the dates covered, so I take advantage of them fully and do not lead to an increase in weight?Answer this question, Specialist obesity and thinness, a member of the Egyptian Association for the Study of Obesity, a member of the American Society of obesity, saying:

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For the types of food that you ask about the reader can guide them to the amount and the method addressed as follows:
Dates: The best time to eat is in the early morning and can take three pills next to two cups of water, preferably eating dry type it as it is less in calories, and to pass many benefits including that it repellent to toxic substances the body as it is a good source of magnesium, which is one of the natural sedatives.

Yogurt: preferably evening eating and before bedtime, where he works to rid the body of bulges and digestion problems, and in general can only eat two cups of Yogurt a day.

Nuts: the best and the most important kinds of nuts, which are recommended intakes are almonds, preferably eating a low-salt type, and the appropriate share of almonds is 30 grams per day is recommended capturing in the afternoon helps to increase the rate of metabolism in the body.

Honey: It must first make sure that it comes from a natural sweetness of being unsophisticated and the right amount of it is one teaspoon daily added to a cup of warm water, preferably in the morning before or after breakfast.

Containing nuts on a number of compounds that may protect against heart disease and cancer Eating five day her magic act in the health of the body This is illustrated byadvisory of therapeutic feeding, saying there are a number of damages Nuts is in spite of that nuts are rich in nutrients, but they contain a high percentage of fat, where one-third of a cup of nuts contains 240 to 300 grams almost calories and about 20 to 25 grams of fat, not all types of nuts, high-fat, but most of them high-fat, coconut contains a lot of fat, mostly the kind of saturated dangerous.

Although nuts contain fat must be dealt with intelligently as possible the amount of ingested moderate (4/1 cup a day) that deals with lesser amounts of butter and other fats in the day.
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As for the benefits, it is the most important benefits of nuts because they contain a number of compounds that help keep arteries open and the blood flowing, we do not know specifically any kinds of nuts the most useful, but the most popular and widespread is peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and despite the fact that peanut is one of the pulses, however in terms of the content of nutrients is like nuts, which is referred to on the ground nuts.

And nuts help lower cholesterol in the blood, it is rich in vitamin E, for example, 3/1 cup of walnuts and almonds are among the good choices they provide the body with about 40% of the daily amount.
Nuts contain a large amount of calcium and where of osteoporosis and regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and heartbeat, copper plays a role in lowering cholesterol.

Also contain compounds that help prevent heart disease and cancer, for example, prevent the growth of the nut contains acid, which fights cancer over the front, where it helps in removing the poison substances that cause cancer of division.

Containing nuts also dietary fiber useful Sudanese less nuts contain the therapeutic benefits but contains a greater proportion of protein as 3/1 cup provide the body with 22% of the daily requirement of protein and this amount of protein than those that exist in the same amount of beef or fish walnuts, almonds also contain protein but less than Sudanese.
More species rich in fiber, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts then rich in vitamin B, calcium, pine nuts, pistachios, sesame rich in potassium containing iron.

She says there are some observations that can be observed in the nuts Place the nuts in the refrigerator or freezer, because the fat is located spoil quickly shunned by the smell of rancid nuts as it caused liver cancer.
Should not be eaten roasted never eaten raw should not give nuts to children as it may cause them to choke it should break, spoil the oils found in nuts quickly when exposed to the sun.

Which I read this week and liked and loved to share with you is about the nuts and usefulness of the heart and the damage that can result from them so I decided to write this topic probably is useful.
The results of one study that nuts play an important role in reducing the risk of heart disease, which reduces the incidence by more than half, because the researchers in the study that the reason is that the content of the nuts of higher fatty acids, as was proven that walnuts help in reducing the proportion of LDL cholesterol in the blood During the month of moderate proportions taken daily because it contains a high percentage of unsaturated fat.

And nuts are many benefits, as it from foods that contain a good proportion of dietary fiber may reach more than 3% as of cashew nuts, and therefore have a good effect on health, because dietary fiber linked to the reduction of many problems such as the treatment of colon and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, and the fibers contain many antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin «e» therefore play an important role in the reduction of disease atherosclerosis and heart disease.
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The research indicates that for the benefit of nuts in reducing the feeling of hunger, and researchers are advised to take the appropriate amount of nuts up to the hand grip (the amount of 50 grams) a day to reduce hunger. But you must be nuts in quantities suitable for extravagance leads to increased caloric intake.It was also observed after the chemical analysis of the nuts they contain a good proportion of potassium, which is a very important element of the activity of the muscles, especially the heart muscle and protects and strengthens, as it contains almonds on more than 750 milligrams of potassium.

Nuts also contain some essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, and the two are useful for protection from anemia and osteoporosis, but there is damage to the nuts should pay attention to it until well take advantage of its benefits, including:

Should not be breeding them greatly, because they contain a large proportion of fat, which increases the calories (per 100 grams of nuts given calories between 520-630 calories) and thus lead the consumption of a large amount of them for obesity and overweight are advised to eat 50 grams a day only, because the consumption of about 50 grams of nuts a day will be needed and has a good effect on health, because the control of food is important for your health required.

If you wish you may eat a small handful of these nuts mixed with vegetables or fruit salad. The researchers found that allergies have become more common among children as a result of eating peanut doubled during the past five years.

The study found that one child out of a hundred children has an allergy to peanuts.
The nuts Links pollution if stored in poor conditions of high temperature and humidity and poor ventilation and this (fungus) excrete toxins extremely dangerous to human health, so must we take nuts, fresh or stored in ways that sound and be intact and there by any phenomenon of damage and rotting.
Advised the patient and the patient's intestine troubled state marrow failure (lack of white blood cells) to avoid nuts and the patient must chronic kidney failure and kidney stones patients or for those prepared to form stones limit the intake of nuts.

After the contest:
Helena is going on a dream vacation to Greece, which won our contest, which would not be charged with new energy and a new determination.

Still working and give up the struggle with excess pounds. Regularly sports a balanced and varied her. In healthy lifestyles involve the whole family.
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What she said about himself: "I took to heart the advice of professionals; otherwise the weight loss was none. I am now half way to achieving his goal, so I will definitely continue on.

"What I will miss:" Mostly I will miss all the great concentration and meetings that we had during the competition.
 "My trick for weight loss:" Lose weight must mainly stress free. And this is me trying. Shedding extra pounds was like a dream when I was in psychological wellbeing.

Once arrived bustle, stress and fatigue, it was difficult and not nearly as successful. "2 LOCATION
What does the jury?

Peter -U Helen was a problem from the beginning. Mila very risky character type of apple, cholesterol, increased fat levels. It was clear chipsets aspirant metabolic disorder. "

Ilea constantly under stress and hurry almost did not move at all, but the biggest problem was that unpleasantly like me.
 With food unpleasantly such a problem, a daily intake was not so bad, could work with it a little bit just enough for us to increase it. An important advance was that he was able to organize life and think more of you and to love yourself. "

It's called emotional hunger. It is also good to eat slowly and chew a lot, then I cannot overeat because I often head "got" full stomach. At the moment Remove utensils and be uncompromising - it!

How to solve it: I recommend their clients so-called rehab that lasts 21 days.
The point is to develop healthy habits. During this time, for example, must therefore stressed go out. Cellulite Cream
If you regularly create the habit of daily activities for a period of 21 days, the brain creates a new habit and it will not entice as chocolate.

Tools for home
Assertiveness learns best in everyday life. Learn to say no, to refuse. Also focus on the reasons why you cannot resist the pressure.
Return to the style of your education, and if you do not have sufficient self-confidence, try to "reprogram" and learn healthy assertiveness.

This does not work if you change your mind. Emotions are not always stronger than logic and therefore they just need repair.
TIP! With resisting pressure can help a good book or a personal meeting with a specialized coach. There is certainly no shame when you decide to seek help.

She began to think of herself. She was looking forward to buying new clothes. My husband and kids finally noticed the changes and more supported her. At the end of May Helena with their weight in the middle of what has set.
Definitely it all now after the competition and go on Aside from her dream weight, "he says finally, and you can see that we are very pleased

Killer weight loss methods
Almost always in these lean figure, still young and happy people, and when a hamburger and cola drink in your hand may be killing them, which will help them "magic" pill and a great line "light" or "late", then it certainly will work for you.

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Lena Black says: Advertising is hard to avoid. In addition, we are part of the collective consciousness.
We are used to doing what others are doing. People are connected to each other more than they think, and our psyche with each other.
When the CR is set to be always in trend clothes and at least every other woman on a diet, it is clear that it will sooner or later catch as well.

How to solve it: but I'm sure a lot of help themselves realizing how advertising influences us.
 For instance, try to stop the purchase, why not buy this cheese? It is really good and healthy? Refer to prefer the label and product composition. You will find that advertising often deceives us.

5 Killer Stress and emotionally charged situations
I'm losing weight, it seems that successful, and suddenly lose your job, spouse, or that you just a great deal.
So instead of carrots reach for chocolate or you can serve it in front of the television a few meals together.

Lena Black says: It is good to remember that food is only a psychological crutch as well as many alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. We do not have the stress of the Council, and so we reach the first positive matter that causes us pleasant emotions.

In this way you handled partner. Handling can be identified by the two basic emotions - fear and guilt.
How to solve it: You need to dig into the relationship itself and clarify the rules.
 It is important that the partner stand behind that with me talking about such matters. If not, such a relationship does not make sense to stay, because there can never feel good.
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Then, at least a compromise and communication
For example, you agree that you make him twice a week and the remaining days of the duck will eat healthy.
3 Killer Family and friends

Also you hair-raising horror when you realize that awaits you on holidays, family visits and family pressure?
And do you know in advance that the mother and she again succumb. How about a visit to a patisserie with a friend who you cakes and sweet cream?
Lena Black says: It is important, to what extent is our decision to lose weight strong.
 If we do it for you, we will not be just cast. If we are in the company of other people who force us to eat, we have to stand his ground and be decisive.

How to solve it: If we do not support friends in our quest to lose weight, they are not our friends. That's why I held primarily people who support me in changes. If you are forced to resist the pressure of friends, try to get them to set up barriers that will follow.

How fragrance is right for you?
To ensure you choose the right perfume you take into account some important points. First, choose the timing of the fragrance. The best days to choose a fragrance are ovulation days. This is because the hormonal changes that occur in this period lead to stimulate and strengthen the sense of smell is very large. It is what helps to distinguish perfumes better.

The second thing is how to work out fragrance, it is better not to test it on the card dedicated to it, but on the skin directly. Each perfume your skin affects the smell of perfume. What may not be worthy of your befitting.

The latter is not to test the fragrance and then buy it on the spot. Try it and look around in the mall or place for at least two hours and then select whether or not you. This is because the smell of perfume appears on three stages: first, a smell that immediately sprayed a strong smell, focused and quickly changed. The final stage is to prove after at least two hours, and remain with you for the rest of the day.
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When do you use creams rich in vitamin A?
Use creams rich in vitamin A or substance of things that benefit your skin, so as to their therapeutic properties of the grains and blisters in the skin, face, generally, it also works to reduce the symptoms of aging and delay the signs of aging. But used the wrong form prevents advantage of these properties. As the deadline put these products is very important. 's Setup during the day reduces its effectiveness because exposing it to sunlight reduces the impact of the good. To make the most of them you have the following: Wash your face nice evening, then put cream or provider of vitamin A and then my humidifier directly.
When're removing excess hair?

According to dermatologists, increases the sensitivity of the skin at the time of the menstrual cycle. So it is better to get rid of excess hair either two weeks before the start of the menstrual cycle or a week after its completion.
When Makers of drugs to treat the grain?

The proportion of fat in the skin in the maximum rates in the early morning immediately after waking up from sleep, so you should develop drugs that kill them as soon as waking up for the treatment of acne.

If the pimples or large number of large, you can put the treatment twice in the morning and in the evening.
The best time to put on face masks
Is the best timing to put the masks on the face is at the start of the emergence of micro-grain white on the face. Because it is an indicator of the spread of bacteria that will soon turn into big blisters. And put masks treatment for the skin helps to get rid of the bacteria and eliminate them.

Usually skin is exposed to these symptoms in the week of the menstrual cycle or her previous week.

Just follow the following tips article;, where most women are looking for different ways that work on lengthening hair, and there are no effective solutions to resolve the problem of the inability of the hair length only natural solutions, because long hair By links is my time to solve a non-permanent.

Mai Ibrahim, a beautician and hair care, there are several natural ways to prolong the working hair naturally, but it takes a long time to show results, making the girls stop doing it after a short period.
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There is a mixture of castor oil, almonds, practical solution and fast to prolong the hair healthy, first we can add a little almond oil to a large amount of castor oil, then boil the mixture on the fire, and let them aside so restless, then we massage the scalp and hair from the roots up to the parties, We repeat these steps a day for 15 days, then once a week and we will see a quick result.



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