Nutrition in inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes
There are new developments and complementary uses in people who suffer from inflammation of the nasal mucosa (allergic rhinitis). Nutrition appears to play a major role.

Many people suffer from allergic rhinitis. Some have throughout the year, for example due to a dust mite allergy, in others the condition is seasonal, such as or hay fever
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According to figures from the RIVM in 1996, nearly 30% of the Dutch population of chronic nasal symptoms
In 2008, the RIVM estimated based on the number of users of antihistamines that at least 1.2 million Dutch experiencing allergic symptoms. Reason enough to discuss. New scientific developments around Allergic Rhinitis
Allergic rhinitis
For allergic rhinitis, there is a (chronic) inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes due to excessive production of immunoglobulin E. This antibody is produced in response to contact with allergens (Greiner, 2006), and attach to mast cells which then release histamine.

The most common symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose and itching of the nose, throat and ears. Epidemiological research has identified several risk factors for developing allergic rhinitis brought to light. A higher risk of people being fed as a baby with bottle feeding, who were born during the peak of the hay fever season or a family history of allergies know.

Vegetarian DHA
Given the dismal it is important to know that there is a possibility to take. DHA in a vegetarian form The DHA in Verandah is extracted from the microalgae sp. and is offered in a vegetarian capsule. Per serving of 2 capsules that delivers 320 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in which at least 300 mg DHA.

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For all fatty acid preparations are recommended for sufficient (additional) vitamin E to take, so oxidation of fatty acids in the body is prevented. in Essential fatty acids are usually needed to prove their effectiveness. Time Omega-3 fatty acids show their effects in a period ranging from 4 weeks to about 4 months.
Limit the use of fried foods.
Limits the use of baked / roasted potatoes in pieces / whole potatoes
Dip raw potato wedges for 15-30 min in water and pat dry before frying or baking. This is to reduce. The formation of acryl amide

Bake potatoes / potato instead of golden brown. The darker the product, the more acryl amide it contains.
Bake fries / potato products in small portions according to package directions. Deep fry at 175 ° C and no longer than necessary.

Never contain fryer oven fries as these more sugars. Bake in the oven-baked fries alone and no longer than necessary.

Keep potatoes cold and dark, but no colder than 8 ° C (in the refrigerator) not to increase Acrylic formation during baking or frying

Where is acryl amide?
By Swedish researchers discovered in 2002 that acryl amide is in many foods. Scientists from England, America, Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway, these findings examined to verify that international concerns about these findings are founded.

Acryl amide is mainly found in baked and fried foods that are rich in carbohydrates like fries, chips (baked / fried potatoes) .2-3 However, cereal (breakfast), cookies, crackers and coffee contain acryl amide. When boiling, steaming or a meal in the microwave prepares, creates no acryl amide.
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Acryl amide Why so dangerous?
Consuming large amounts of acryl amide can cause an increased risk of kidney cancer. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority have commissioned to analyze the 'Netherlands Cohort Study' on diet and cancer data.

At this epidemiological study included more than 120,000 men and women aged 55-69 years section. Consumption of acryl amide was estimated by means of a questionnaire and a chemical analysis of all relevant Dutch foods.

This was done in a sample of 5,000 people. People with height intake (40.8 mcg / day) have 59% more chance of kidney cancer compared to those with the lowest intake (9.5 mcg / day) .

4 were announced a few months for these findings; the same researchers had linked found between the intake of acryl amide using the power supply, and the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

Acryl amide in food
Acryl amide is a chemical that is classified in the group of substances which are potentially carcinogenic. The substance is present in cosmetics, plastics and food packaging.

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Seven o'clock in the morning, the alarm goes ... "Just a nice cup of coffee to be awake" and the day begins. For a quick breakfast we grabbed breakfast cereals (cereals). Who does not want to cook, eat a ready-made meal, or pre-packed vegetables? And baked potatoes still taste better than cooked?

Evening while following a thrilling film, grabs the hand in a bag of chips. Unnoticed one gets decent amounts of acryl amide within. What is so dangerous about this material and how you can avoid this substance is best?
What is acryl amide?

If certain foods are cooked at high temperatures, acryl amide is a natural byproduct. Acryl amide is formed at temperatures above 120 ˚ C. The optimum temperature is between 140 ˚ C - 180 ˚ C. There will be more acryl amide when a product longer and at higher temperatures gebakken.

1 Acryl amide is a chemical that is classified in the group of substances which are potentially carcinogenic. The substance is present in cosmetics, plastics and food packaging.

Choose two degrees of cream base and one the same color as your skin is darker, and the other two degrees.
for slimming broad nose, Put cream foundation light on the greatness of the nose only then draw two lines on both sides of the nose painted dark so that begin and end with the eyebrow when at the edge of the nose.

To shorten the long nose: Put cream foundation dark at the edge of the nose only then the rest of the nose Complete with light cream.
To highlight the cheeks:
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Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
Large area of the cheeks or cheek is notable flaw easy makeup can get rid of it by red cheeks but what is important is the size of the brush that you place in small tray in Powder Blush is not suitable and also very large brush is not suitable.

Choose a medium-sized brush and Put powder blush on the cheeks and forehead and chin embryo-plastic halo of color highlight the
Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
As for the big lips you can specify addressed by identifying and light in color with a layer of light-colored lipstick like normal grades of pink and peach and brown. Avoid grades completely dark because it will appear lips Larger than it already is.

Your lips though small in size, you can create the effect as the largest selected from the outside by the use of dark and lip gloss to look like a full and more attractive.
If your forehead and square chin petition, it means that your face is square or rectangle close. Therefore you need to makeup gives you a face using circular preparations illuminate the face and give him the required rotation by playing the light and shade.

Put the cream base on the dark line of hair growth and on the borders of the jaws to alleviate the funniest face.

Use Blush slightly darker than the color of your skin and distribute them so that gives your face rotated, i.e. my red cheeks in small quantities on the cheeks, starting from the ears down to the greatness of the chin, and then my color with a small amount also on your forehead and the corners of the face close to the roots of the hair.

Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
From the standpoint of beauty experts, there is no clear definition and agreed to the features of the ideal face is nice, but what are unanimous on is that subdivisions ideal for the face are those that seem inconsistent with each other according to the standard pro-rata in the first place.
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And even if they were not your facial features entirely consistent with each other or do you feel the need to adjust your features to a nicer manifested in pictures or in the evening, you can achieve it with some tricks make-up simple and smart. Which can in the following points?

Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
You can highlight the eyes narrow to look brighter and more spacious and attractive by identifying the internal parts of the eyes by ITER glossy.

 Put another layer of it on the blades eyebrow then put a layer of eyes on the bottom of the region to get rid of dark spots and then highlight the eye. Ended put a layer of mascara to the eyelashes curly black or dark brown
To minimize eye wide

If your eyes wide and large, make sure to always identified from the inside, not the outside so as not to seem larger than it is, but if this is your goal. Use dark colors and shades of the eyelids and national drag out.

Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
Broad nose or big flaw is not in itself so long as it is consistent with the rest of your face.

 But if you would like to be highlighted so that they look smaller or higher without resorting to cosmetic, you can follow the play base color, any identifying features of the face of large color darker than the natural color of the skin to create an effect that makes it look smaller.
In eccentric exercise muscle generates power while it is prolonged, as when lowering a dumbbell. Before, during, 24 and 48 hours after exercise, the motion of the knees (Range Of Motion ice ROM), the experienced muscle pain and the circumference of the right femur is measured.

There was no observable difference in the measured parameters before, during, and 24 hours after the exertion.

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However, after 48 hours was experienced less pain by the men in the supplement group. In addition, the motion of the knee showed smaller. On our address lists of natural food therapists and nature dietitian you can see which of our members specialize in natural sports nutrition.

Part 2 of this article will follow soon.
During the follow-up period was at 140 individual’s diagnosed pancreatic cancer.

After adjustment for confounding factors showed that those two or more glasses of soda per week drank had a significantly increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared to those who drank no soda. No association was found between drinking juice and cancer.

Fructose increases risk NASH
The increase in non-alcoholic steatosis hepatitis (NASH) is not only with the increase in obesity and diabetes, but also with a significant increase in fructose use. This is mainly due to the high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in soft drinks.

He hopes to reduce. Use of analgesics and aspirin with supplements Macro genies conducted a placebo-controlled, double-blind study in 40 recreational athletes who suffer from varying tendon injuries to shoulder (12 persons), elbow and knee.
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 Half of the athletes and the other half received placebo vitamin A (750 mcg), vitamin C (90 mg), vitamin E (15 mg), selenium (100 mcg), vitamin B6 (2 mg), zinc (15 mg) and fish oil capsules (EPA 372 mg, DHA 260 mg) and borage lie capsules containing gamma  acid (GLA: 670 mg). both groups, treatment was combined with 16 ultrasound treatments.

At 99% of the athletes in the supplementation group, after 30 days average decrease in pain and recorded in 31% of the control group. The difference between the two groups was significant. In the first group, the pain was reduced by about half and in the control group by about 20%. No adverse effects were reported.
Omega 3 fatty acids from muscle soreness

Omega 3 fatty acids reduce muscle soreness after eccentric exercise. The study enrolled 27 male subjects participated who had not participated.

A training for 60 days The men were randomly assigned to a placebo or supplements. The people in the supplement group received 1.8 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day. The training consists in performing eccentric knee exercises.

After the exercise was similar in both groups have found an increase in the amount of interleukin-6 in the blood. However, this increase was 50% lower in the group that had used vitamins. Finally, in the placebo group after the exercise of other substances that indicate a strong inflammatory response, namely interleukin-1, CRP and cortical.

This increase was not present in the antioxidant group. Antioxidants prevent excessive inflammatory responses in the body after exercise by reducing the secretion of interleukin-6 by skeletal muscle, and can thus contribute to a better recovery after exercise.

Antioxidants and fatty acids help paddlers with tennis elbow , the called tennis elbow can be treated with a combination of fatty acids and antioxidants.

well as the Danish physiotherapist, physiotherapist of the Danish Olympic Committee, indicates that he has applied the method to more than 100 athletes. For overtired or inflamed joints, the athletes were given supplements with omega

Omega 6 fatty acids In addition, they took vitamin A, B6, C, E and the minerals zinc and selenium. Usually, the athletes felt after 2 to 3 weeks, three much better. In severe cases, the recovery may take a few months

Training helps patient in communication with the doctor
Training helps patient communication arts - Photo Reuters
You can learn to communicate.

This applies not only for doctors, but just as good for patients. An online communication training for patients with lymphoma would help them, and may also be suitable for a wider audience.
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Patient Time: so called internet training program for patients that researcher IngaBusinessmen soon starts. People just can enroll, nevertheless have been twenty participants reported.
For now, the group consists exclusively of patients with lymphoma.

It is the group where Van Businessmen connected to the research Navel, with her PhD research focuses. "An inquisitive group," she knows from experience.

"In 2010, a doctor stopped the annual conference of the Netherlands (LVN) a lecture on communication training her profession receives annually. The hall then wanted to know whether patients can also receive courses. My research should provide such training. "

Recently graduated from Businessmen a research on that had to make the training that its target audience needs clearly. "Actually, it was the question of how deftly the patient without training is and what problems they experience," she explains. A general answer was not to give. Much depends on the stages of which the patient should be in its treatment process.



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