Vegetarian DHA
Given the dismal it is important to know that there is a possibility to take. DHA in a vegetarian form The DHA in Verandah is extracted from the microalgae sp. and is offered in a vegetarian capsule. Per serving of 2 capsules that delivers 320 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in which at least 300 mg DHA.

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For all fatty acid preparations are recommended for sufficient (additional) vitamin E to take, so oxidation of fatty acids in the body is prevented. in Essential fatty acids are usually needed to prove their effectiveness. Time Omega-3 fatty acids show their effects in a period ranging from 4 weeks to about 4 months.
Limit the use of fried foods.
Limits the use of baked / roasted potatoes in pieces / whole potatoes
Dip raw potato wedges for 15-30 min in water and pat dry before frying or baking. This is to reduce. The formation of acryl amide

Bake potatoes / potato instead of golden brown. The darker the product, the more acryl amide it contains.
Bake fries / potato products in small portions according to package directions. Deep fry at 175 ° C and no longer than necessary.

Never contain fryer oven fries as these more sugars. Bake in the oven-baked fries alone and no longer than necessary.

Keep potatoes cold and dark, but no colder than 8 ° C (in the refrigerator) not to increase Acrylic formation during baking or frying


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