More often autism at birth induced
Frequently induced autism in childbirth - Photo Reuters
In children who are born out of a labor that has been initiated is much more common for autism. This shows a large U.S. study.

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Whether it's a different also causes the researchers say not yet know.
The means used to generate the risk of autism.

Possible to increase the delivery But the reverse is also possible: that doctors deem it more appropriate to expedite the birth of children with autism or a greater likelihood that disease because pregnancy in cases such as less runs smoothly.

The researchers also want to prevent the initiation of parturition in bad books will be placed. Hasten the birth can just save lives, said team leader Simon Gregory Monday after the release of the findings in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

Deliveries are increasingly excited. In the United States, the number of births precipitated even doubled since 1990.
Coca-Cola introduces green variety with Stevie
Coca-Cola introduces green variety with Stevie - Picture Coca Cola Argentina
Coca-Cola announced a new version: Coca-Cola Life, a cola with Stevie and green packaging.
Coca-Cola Life contains thanks to a blend of sugar and Stevie half as many calories as the traditional version.
Stevie is a natural sweetener extracted from the Stevie plant.

Teen wants Google Glass addressing autism
Teen wants Google Glass autism tackle - Google Glass.  A German teenager has Google Glass developed an application that the state of mind of the face of the interlocutor reads. People with autism disorder may thus be helped.
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Writes the Volts rant .
The Google Goggles-a kind of portable computing provides users with a digital layer with additional information about reality. In jargon: augmented reality.

The 18-year-old Catalan Voss is a small company founded SENSION. He will thus develop the educational sector software that allows you to follow so that lessons can be tailored to the behavior of the student. Eye movements

With the same software, it is possible to integrate, so that the wearer of the Google Goggles gets information about the emotion of the interlocutor. Facial Psychiatrists are excited about the technology.
Yes, because the diet that researchers face, appeared to be not only the weight but also good for health.

 For instance, the level of inflammation in the subjects with no less than 40 percent. "Chronic inflammation, among other things increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, various types of arthritis and cancer. Also, the blood pressure goes down, especially in people who have a slightly elevated blood pressure.

Although the bacteria belong to the same family, which of the Borelli bacteria, there are differences. The newcomer is not recognized, at least by the standard tests for Borelli and it does not cause Lyme disease. However, they respond to the same antibiotics.

"This patient had cancer by a severely weakened immune system. Therefore, the could strike, "said the archbishop.”Physicians should consider in patients with a weakened immune system that have been bitten by a tick and have complaints with this bacterium that fit an inflammation of the meanings or brains."
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The national survey by shows that this variant in 4 percent of the Dutch character is foundthe occur in 22 per cent.

I'm not overweight. I have therefore nothing to this book.
Yes, because the diet that researchers face, appeared to be not only the weight but also good for health. For instance, the level of inflammation in the subjects with no less than 40 percent

"Chronic inflammation, among other things increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, various types of arthritis and cancer. Also, the blood pressure goes down, especially in people who have a slightly elevated blood pressure. "
I'm not overweight. I have therefore nothing to this book.

Dutch first patient infected with new character bacteria
Dutch first patient infected with new sign bacteria - Image Wikipedia
Picture Wikipedia

The AMC in Amsterdam last year treated a patient who was hit with a variant of the Borelli bacteria that was found. Never before with a Dutch infected after a tick bite
The doctor, internist, infectious disease specialist at the AMC does Saturday report's treatment in scientific journal The Lancet.
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In the article the archbishop describes the case of a septuagenarian man with a variety of neurological symptoms, such as memory problems and an irregular gait, which deteriorated over the months. Before that he had been treated for cancer. Gradually it appeared that the man had been with sign.

Often in contact
It is known that the bacterium Borelli-infected animals can pass, the causative agent of Lyme disease. However, a lime test gave a positive result.

Nevertheless, it was decided to treat it as if he had the disease the man. The patient recovered. "It was remarkable how well the treatment would be successful", says archbishop returned. "Why was that we understood later."

Archbishop recalled at one point an article about a patient from the U.S. with a similar story. That person turned out a different type of bacterium, to have. The Dutch patient cerebrospinal fluid was stored in it and the conscious variant was indeed found.


Vixen disease is not contagious and does not cause any health problem or membership of the injured, and cannot develop into a malignant disease last this word began completed the" advisory dermatology and cosmetic surgery and laser for modern disease alopecia.

Fully explained, that the disease is divided into several types, including:
Including specific topical or which affects a small portion of the scalp
This affects the whole head Who is Joey Atlas

And what affects hair in areas of the body such as the eyebrows, armpits and pubic hair.
He completed a non-contagious disease that is not transmitted using the same personal belongings of the patient.

And the causes were several explanations for this disease, particularly mentioning what affects the head full of the presence of a psychiatric condition causing this or problems with the thyroid gland, but the scientific explanation unacceptable for this disease is a problem in the immune system, which means that there are antibodies in the body attacking the follicles hair, and it produces lymphocytes that secrete around hair follicles chemicals that destroy the follicles that causes hair loss.

He completed the basic problem in this disease is the improvement of the situation, and after a period of treatment and stop returning the situation to its previous status and treatment is as follows:
Taking the tablets or cortisone injection in the muscle, where they help the growth of hair and be under the supervision of a doctor.

Paints the spot, where a type of eczema caused contactless scalp causing hair growth, and comes with good results in the case of alopecia full, but you need to six months to get good results.

Local injection of cortisone into the scalp concentration of 1 to 8
After you get hair and dark forces and the growth of the hair for a period after the treatment must continue the work of therapy sessions ultraviolet light on the scalp, so that helps to install the hair and hair loss not the last time.

Scientists and researchers to discover a cure for the disease is directly related to mood, "Aker" which caused cases of chronic depression, nervousness and other negative effects experienced by the patient. The doctors at the clinic, "Mayo Clinic" of America, that the disease was named Aker mood to, where the disease affects the parts of the brain, especially those parts responsible for the control of emotions and ideas.
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The researchers pointed out in a statement issued by the Clinic, "Mayo Clinic" that causes disease complex, involving many things such as hormonal and genetic makeup of the individual, in addition to a number of environmental factors surrounding the patient.

And refers to the doctors that the disease can be inferred by several symptoms such as a patient to undergo periods of severe depression associated with cases of hallucinations and light, which leads to the formation of a state of mood Aker are increasingly upward and then stop suddenly to come back again some time.

A doctor specializing in mental health for CNN: "From other marks which can be inferred by the injury to the individual disease lies in the lack of a sense of individual differences and temporal climatic changes in addition to the time differences between the seasons of the year.

It is noteworthy that American actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was one of the victims of the disease mood Aker, where it was processed successfully, the actress back to her normal life without any disturbances healthy.

Some diseases represent an embarrassment for patients, including disease hyper-hidrosis, what methods of treatment of this disease?

Responded to this consultation, consultant thoracic surgery and vascular surgery, natural human contains his body on the regulator to temperatures which helps to regulate the output, including race, which is controlled by nerve, which more or less according to several factors such as activity exerted, such as exposure to a high temperature or exercise, or strong emotion, it all natural.
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Added that the patient's hyper-hidrosis, is a disorder of the nervous system, and did not discover until now the cause of this disorder, but it causes the increasing rate of sweat from the normal, which is the injury affects less than 1% of the world's population, he said, adding that such injury often show in childhood and increases in the teens, and represent those injury problems to deal with in writing or dealing with electronic devices such as computers, in addition to the social problems they cause patient handshake for fear of exposure to cash.

He said Abdullah The hyper-hidrosis appears under the armpits, and soles of the feet, and face, thighs, and hands, he said, adding that there are several types of hyper-hidrosis, and it is often genetically, and be the cause of excessive sweating is not known, the second type is hyper-hidrosis secondary, The output of this type because of other diseases, as problems thyroid.

The treatment of hyper-hidrosis has more than one type, there are drug treatments, which include giving the patient injected botulinum, which takes in the place which you are infected from hyper-hidrosis, and often show results within a day or three,

in addition to that there are some medicines objectivity which prevent the race by 30 to 50%, in addition to some of the drugs that are taken by mouth and contribute to alleviate hyper-hidrosis, especially among those suffering from hyper-hidrosis year, there are a last resort, a solution through surgical stapling nerve.

Ratified by the Food and Drug Administration "FDA" in the second century, from the month of Aug. to issue a new drug for the treatment of HIV, "AIDS." and knows the new drug and contains the active substance a combination of new innovative developed for the first time, and there in the form of tablets covered in AIDS patients on a daily basis next to antiviral drugs, which depends on the mechanism of reverse transcription.
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And the mechanism of action of the new drug, management cited the "FDA" that works by inhibiting one of the enzymes necessary to double the AIDS virus and breeding, and is known as "strand transfer", which is suitable for the treatment of all persons and age groups ranging from 12 years.

Among the most prominent side effects caused by the drug which is produced by GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical: insomnia, headache, and as it may cause malfunction the functions of the liver, which necessitates the need for follow-up of patients who ate it permanently.

Asks the reader: causes me in the winter is a skin disease beads inflamed in the leg, and soon disappear with the onset of spring, you do analysis on suspicion that he was told that "tuberculosis" is uncertain, but what can I do to make sure of that?

Professor of Chest Diseases, said: Tuberculosis is an infection that affects the body, and can infect most tissues, but mostly affects the respiratory system, causing symptoms such as persistent cough and phlegm, with loss of appetite, sweating and heat, have been mixed with phlegm with blood, It can cause changes in the appearance of the skin. And the way the spread of tuberculosis and infection by pointed to the next:Truth About Cellulite Review

Air: it passes through the infection of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis only, when the people with cough or speak, or spit or sneeze, they publish germs in the air, and transmitted the infection to humans through airborne droplets, or by inhalation of dust.

Food, especially milk: rarely transmitted through food and affects the intestines, but that which is transmitted in this way does not affect the lungs, and is not transmitted through the air.

He that the test result does not mean the disease can be positive when the carrying bacteria, and when the they were exposed to previously, and be positive when those suffering from the disease, so it is necessary to make sure there is no bacteria in the body, and this would be the work of the farm expectorant (sputum culture) and a blood test and X-ray to make sure the body free of bacteria.

Everyone is trying to solve the problem of pimples after they appear. Where the trip begins search for optimal treatment. There is a shortcut that saves you the trouble of the problem and experimenting with drugs and mixtures to hide pimples after her appearance or the impact, and that is learning how to predict the imminent appearance of these warts, and then begin to fight and prevent the appearance of the foundation.

According to experts, doctors, cosmetic skin world, there are some signs that indicate that your skin will suffer from pimples; the following identify them together, and thus take appropriate remedial action.
First, the change of seasons
Of the things that cause skin problems, especially pimples, change the atmosphere and the weather in the periods between the different seasons of the year. Despite being one of the cause’s blisters strong, it is one of the things that do not interest many of convergence. So you start to focus on it and note if there is any change in your skin, and if the answer is yes, then you should start prevention measures.
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Use skin care products needed for this period according to your skin type, and prescribed by your doctor.
If you sleep in the evening hours as a result of a few to work or to study, or for any private or family circumstances, you at risk for problems of pimples and skin troubles.

Night for long periods or consecutive days eventually lead to the spread of grain skin. So make sure to not have to ensure is a daily habit and try to organize your time better. Try at least a week and observe the difference for yourself.

Do you travel a lot!
The question may seem unrelated to the matter, but in fact it is a direct link. Traveling in the plane periodically adversely affect the skin, because the dry air in the plane. No matter what the weather is comfortable on the trip, it remains dry on the skin, which leads to the secretion of more fat and thus inflammation of the skin and pimples in the end.

The movements between the different time zones also harm the skin. So if you reduce the travel is out of the question, you'll need to create your skin to resist this atmosphere, so to get rid of excess fat aphid.

Bed sheets and towels
If you feel that your skin is in need of special attention, you have to think about everything that touches first before starting to resort to solutions that rely on medical products and pharmaceuticals. The most important thing on the list is towels, sheets and blankets pillows do you use. Must be made of cotton, not of industrial raw materials that are harmful to the skin.


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