And recipes as well as the effective mixing one cup of coconut and mustard oil, add curry leaves to blend in with the left side all night. Heat the mixture until the next day, Curry leaves become brittle. Add combination of camphor and leave aside to cool completely. Put the mixture on the roots of your hair with a massage gently, and leave it on your hair throughout the night and rinse shampoo in the next day.
Tips about Cellulite Remover

If you suffer from damage to the outer layer of a national hair wash your hair with a hot towel and then wrapped it twice a week, where the steam will lighten the hair follicle to make it easier to drink from hair oils.
Castor oil has proven effective in strengthening and lengthening the hair as well as you can wash your hair once a week Tea to get the same result.
If you suffer from hair pale-free life, rinse your hair with hot water laced with a little vinegar.
Physical Therapy for hair white:

Of the problems faced by many of the ladies as well, despite the appearance of small white whiskers their age, and to solve this problem follow these natural recipes:

Boil as much as a cup of dry in 4 cups water. Add a bit of sugar and leave the mixture on the fire until the fall as much water. Mix a cup of Indian henna with egg and lemon juice and add mixture. Put the mixture on your hair and then rinse after two hours.

Mix a little bit of henna with lemon juice and egg and spoon a large bin. Put the mixture on your hair and then rinse well after 45 minutes.

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