If you exercise swim from time to time, this guide agility and fitness, but each is benefit your body, but it may hurt your hair, and through the water that is exposed in the swimming pool, which contains some substances that damage the hair if sustained, So you Madam follow some guidelines for the care and protection of your hair while swimming, namely:
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• Make sure to wash your hair with water before diving in the pool, without shampoo.
• Put your hair in the Hat custom plastic pool, it is necessary not to rub your hair with chlorine. It is essential that gently when your hairs after you are finished.

• Wash your hair with water and natural shampoo after swimming; ease the likelihood of your hair to harmful substances in the pool, but it is inevitable wash well to ensure there are no locks of hair from them.

• Even if your hair is soft or lightly, you have to after swimming soothes increased dryness during swimming, it is necessary to get rid of the dryness through this preparation.


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