Choose two degrees of cream base and one the same color as your skin is darker, and the other two degrees.
for slimming broad nose, Put cream foundation light on the greatness of the nose only then draw two lines on both sides of the nose painted dark so that begin and end with the eyebrow when at the edge of the nose.

To shorten the long nose: Put cream foundation dark at the edge of the nose only then the rest of the nose Complete with light cream.
To highlight the cheeks:
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Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
Large area of the cheeks or cheek is notable flaw easy makeup can get rid of it by red cheeks but what is important is the size of the brush that you place in small tray in Powder Blush is not suitable and also very large brush is not suitable.

Choose a medium-sized brush and Put powder blush on the cheeks and forehead and chin embryo-plastic halo of color highlight the
Makeup tricks to beautify the face divisions
As for the big lips you can specify addressed by identifying and light in color with a layer of light-colored lipstick like normal grades of pink and peach and brown. Avoid grades completely dark because it will appear lips Larger than it already is.

Your lips though small in size, you can create the effect as the largest selected from the outside by the use of dark and lip gloss to look like a full and more attractive.
If your forehead and square chin petition, it means that your face is square or rectangle close. Therefore you need to makeup gives you a face using circular preparations illuminate the face and give him the required rotation by playing the light and shade.

Put the cream base on the dark line of hair growth and on the borders of the jaws to alleviate the funniest face.

Use Blush slightly darker than the color of your skin and distribute them so that gives your face rotated, i.e. my red cheeks in small quantities on the cheeks, starting from the ears down to the greatness of the chin, and then my color with a small amount also on your forehead and the corners of the face close to the roots of the hair.


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